Thursday, October 29, 2009

Detroit's socialist nightmare is America's future

In yesterday's S&A Digest, Porter Stansberry had a great article describing the decline of Detroit. He goes on to describe how Detroit's history is now the country's future. Detroit use to be the 4th most populous city in America and on par culturally and economically with London, Paris, and New York. It's a short and easy read; I'd encourage you to take a look at it:

Political Anarchy is the solution for Detroit as well as the nation. Bill Bonner described a good starting point in A Depression – With a Capital ‘D’
Want to save Detroit? Here’s how:

Abolish all welfare of all sorts…no unemployment insurance…no child tax credits…no welfare…no foodstamps…no nothing, except privately-sponsored charities. Close the public schools. Kick out all the bureaucrats and all federal and state employees. Abolish all rules concerning employment – no minimum wages, no overtime, discriminate all you want. Require all residents to say please and thank you…dress properly…and sneer at people who don’t seem to be gainfully employed or polite. Declare the city an Open City and Free Trade Zone. In exchange for cutting all federal aid programs, eliminate federal and state taxes for people living in the city. Allow unlimited immigration into the city…giving all immigrants a U.S. passport after 5 years of residency. Levy a flat 10% tax to pay for basic services. Eliminate elections…have the city controlled by a town council composed of 10 citizens chosen at random.

Within five years, Detroit would be the most dynamic city in the nation.


  1. Good articles. Bill Bonner is exactly right that government programs are the problem.

    More specifically, though, government programs themselves aren't the cause of the problem... the lazy and irresponsible individuals are. But the government programs certainly cater to and encourage dependence. People get more money on welfare not working at all than they would if they worked a part-time job. People also get more money the more kids they have, and I wouldn't be surprised if single mothers get more handouts than two-parent homes. Welfare money need not be spent on food because the kids get lunch and now breakfast at school. Druggies get "free" treatment and a place to sleep and eat in jail. Etc.

    The reason Detroiters vote Democratic is because they like getting these handouts. Politicians then cater to the leeches. The cycle continues.

    I've said for many years that the way to save Detroit (not that I necessarily think it's worth saving) is to cut off all aid. The typical response is:
    - "You're racist!"
    - There would be several generations of complete chaos since the people don't know how to survive without handouts.
    - Better to subsidize Detroiters and keep them contained within Detroit, than to risk them coming to loot the suburbs. (I've heard many Oakland County people say this.)

  2. On a related note:
    A story in the Detroit Free Press today is titled "1 down... 99,000 to go."
    By the end of next year, 100,000 houses will be vacant in Detroit.

  3. How many of those Oakland County people are the same ones calling you racist?

    The city should start a homesteading project. Turn those vacant lots into small couple acre parcels and give them to anyone willing to homestead and farm it.

  4. There are several farms in the city. The Detroit News does run stories every now and then on them. I will dig one out.

  5. Yes, I've seen many articles about urban farming. One guy at my church lives in the city and illegally raises chickens in his back yard. Most of the city is not zoned for farming. Starting a farm would be illegal on most city parcels. Getting rid of such idiotic laws was the point I was trying to make.