Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Next Meeting - Thursday 10/20/09

Meetings have currently been switched to every other Thursday. So the next meeting is scheduled for:

Thursday October 29, 2009
5:30ish to 8:00 pm

Panera Bread
28551 Schoolcraft Road
Livonia, Michigan

Discussing chapter 12 of America's Great Depression and Jack Spirko's Survival Podcast #293 - Economic Forecast.
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So today we are going to discuss my view of what we can expect from the economy in the next few years and what we can do to prepare for it. I will tell you why I think 2010 is actually going to look pretty decent and on the other side why you shouldn’t take that much comfor in it. Then next week we will take a day to compare my view to the view of many of the experts such as Jim Rodgers and Gerald Celente.

Tune in today to hear…

  • Why I think we are about to see a fake recovery followed by a bigger crash
  • The stimulus doesn’t kick in until 2010, how it will succeed and how it will fail
  • Unemployment is “bottoming” the truth and the lies about that statement
  • This coming bubble and collapse is planned, I will explain why there is no other option then this one
  • Credit cards can’t fix a debt problem and how that relates to our national deficit
  • How the impact of Health Care won’t be seen until late 2011 perhaps longer and the disaster it will create
  • The coming 1.5 Trillion Dollar tax increase from the administration that promised not to do it
  • How high taxes reduce the amount of tax government collects and what it does to the economy
  • Why inflation looks like recovery at the beginning
  • Why you need to own at least some silver and or gold
  • Land is cheap, go make a low ball offer while you can
  • Store food, build your own grocery store at home
  • Spend smart don’t horde money, balance your assets
  • Place priority of spending on assets with long term value
  • Keep some cash, don’t believe the lies about putting all cash into gold right now
  • Debt is evil, always in good times and bad
  • Never be 100% invested in any item or investment type
  • Do not liquidate IRAs and 401ks modify their portfolios but leave the money in the vehicles
  • Above all never “freak out”, make smart and strategic spending and saving decision you do have time to act, don’t panic and react to swiftly to concerns

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