Thursday, June 24, 2010

US Social Forum

Due to the fact that I never watch the news, I was completely unaware that the US Social Forum was being held in Detroit and Tuesday afternoon 10,000 people marched through the streets of Detroit to kick off the festivities. 

This excerpt from a Democracy Now report grabbed my attention for two reasons.  One, the atrocious grammar and how stupid the person sounded (though that ends up being a factor of transcribing a live on the street interview and she sounds much closer to average intelligence in the video) and two, the comparison to New Orleans.
I’m here in Detroit with the Restaurant Opportunities Center of New Orleans, Louisiana. When I came to Detroit, I was kind of surprised, because Detroit looks a lot like New Orleans, in such a state of disrepair, with so many abandoned buildings. And I was shocked by that. You know, I didn’t realize it. I know that there were some financial difficulties, but it’s such a similarity. And it’s sad that across our country we still have the same sort of disproportionate disparities, you know, and it’s a little frightening.  (

Detroit looks like New Orleans, a city wiped out by a freakin hurricane.  Unfortunately the attendees of this idiotic forum will never understand that it is a result of all the government programs they're pushing that has caused this. 

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