Monday, June 21, 2010

Government thugs

Currently I am at my BF's house while he is at work. Moments ago the doorbell rang. I ignored it. It rang again. I thought it might be important so I opened the door hesitantly.

There was an intimidating-looking man who flashed a government badge at me. I supposed he was from the census, as the BF has not participated in even the head count and has been visited by the census once already. Instead, he grunted, "US Customs and Immigration Enforcement."

"Oh! Woah!," I babbled, or some such nonsense, because I was immediately intimidated by his intimidating-ness. Apparently I looked as frightened as I felt because he said, in a much more friendly fashion and with a slight laugh, "Don't worry, it's okay." (This made me realize that I need to work on remaining calm and collected when in engaging in any 'friendly chat' with a government agent. I know that you should never talk to the police, etc., but it is hard to respond calmly in a real situation, for the government workers do hold the power.)

He asked if I knew the neighbor Phil. I said "No, I don't live here." He left. Then he walked across the street to another house where a man was outside working on his truck. The agent talked to him for less than a minute and seemed to get no information.

Government thugs are on the prowl...

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  1. "No, I don't live here."

    That would have been funny if you had said it in Spanish.