Saturday, December 26, 2009

Xmas in Detroit!

A great video representation of Detroit's socialist nightmare.

While wild bears have been spotted in SE Michigan, I believe Crowder is mistaken about bears being spotted within the city limits of Detroit. Otherwise this video rocks.

Not sure the embedded player is working. The original url is


  1. Those images are dreadful. I used to be fascinated by pictures of the destruction (unfortunately the best site for these is a neo-Nazi site, so I won't link to it here). Now I just find them disgusting.

    One thing I did not see mentioned in the Crowder video is the theory that welfare encourages family breakdown, because single mothers get more money per kid if there is no husband. Also, working at a part-time job often decreases the amount of welfare money a person receives, so it seems advantageous to them to just not bother working at all.

    I do agree that leftist policies contribute greatly to the destruction, but the bigger factor is personal motivation. The leftists wouldn't be voted in in the first place if it weren't for people who believed they were owed handouts. Leftist policy is a side-effect of incompetence and lack of responsibility.

  2. Would that happen to be "Detroit is Crap" or is it a more overtly neo-nazi site?

    The first post at ( has links to 3 youtube videos and has great pictures and additional videos.

    Leftist policy is as you state, "a side-effect of incompetence and lack of responsibility", but so is rightist policy. Welfare is just another leftist policy. We will always have to deal with motivation or human nature. If govt policy caters to character flaws in human nature then we will end up with a large percentage of the populace looking for a welfare handout. Get rid of the govt and the immoral personal motivation no longer receives favor.