Saturday, December 4, 2010

From WOOD TV, Grand Rapids, MI:

A govt educated leech uses her food stamps to purchase 42 bottles of soda pop.  She walks from the checkout to the automated bottle return area and proceeds to insert 42 unopened bottles of pop into the machine collecting $4.20 in bottle deposits.  As pathetically idiotic as this is, the story gets better. 

Cans and bottles are crushed when inserted into these machines.  Being unopened and full of carbonated beverages, these 42 bottles explode upon being crushed.  Consequently, pop spews all over the bottle return area and gums up the machine.  Now, one would think the average person would notice this on bottle number 1.  But not this welfare queen genius, she continues inserting the remaining 41 bottles.

The article records the reaction of one customer, who obviously is also govt educated. "'I just can't believe somebody would do that,' said Hardings customer Brenda Wilkerson."

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