Thursday, November 25, 2010

How can you feel violated by airport security?

A friend's facebook status update and comments (I also know those who wrote the first three responses, the fifth response is mine):
I haven't flown recently, but I don't understand why people are so upset about the pat downs and body scanners at the airport. It's for safety! If you've ever had a gynecological or prostate exam, how can you feel violated by airport security? Is there anybody out there who's been through it that can explain?
  • I don't get what the big deal is either. I was scanned twice in the last week and it took about 5 seconds. I didn't feel violated.
  • agreed...
  • ~ I get scanned AND the pat down EVERY time I fly becauseI have metal in my body...I just wish that I had my choice of people to pat me down - like maybe a cute marine...
  • I agree with you, Jen. Actually, I feel worse for the people DOING the pat-downs than the ones GETTING them!! Yuck!!
  •      Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of security knows that anything the TSA does is not for security, it is for control.
         Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of common decency or God given human rights would be concerned over either procedure.

This country is a lost cause.


  1. They sound like a fun bunch, you don't even have to buy them dinner to see them naked.

  2. I agree; as a country we are doomed.

    And thanks for reminding me why I avoid Facebook like the plague. I tried it for a little while, but it was full of dreck and idiotic comments like the ones cited above.

  3. nuts....these hatred of airline go to Europe and these procedures (hand wand metal detecting and pat downs) have been going on since I first traveled Europe in 1997. I always wondered why our security was such a joke and so lax...thankfully, it has gotten better. The only thin that dooms you is this paranoid waste of time..anarchy and fear of everything not in YOUR control. Get a hobby.

  4. bahahaha..and yeah sure the whole lot of ppl on fb and in the world are crazy and the 7 or so of you are the sane and smart ones. what a crock; if you yourselves really believe that you are lost causes. what an empty life. get out of your shells and see the world and live a bit. stop being the island of misfits toys! LOL!