Saturday, October 2, 2010

Urban Gardening in Detroit



  1. Hi - thanks for making all these resources available! I certainly appreciate it. I live in Italy, but I would be interested in knowing more about what alternative movements are happening in Detroit. The garden is great, are there other such projects? Cheers,

  2. Hi David,

    There are other projects in Detroit. Urban farming is starting to become a popular idea. There are also non farming projects. Off the top of my head I'm not recalling any, but if you're interested I can let you know when I hear of any.

  3. Forwarding from my UM-Dearborn faculty news feed:

    Campus Community -

    Please join the Student Activities Office for the screening of Grown in Detroit on Monday, November 22 at 7 pm in Dining Hall D, Fairlane Center South. (Film pre-screenings will be held Monday, November 15 in 1225 UC at 7:00 and 8:30 pm.)

    Acclaimed documentary Grown in Detroit focuses on Detroit's Catherine Ferguson Academy for Young Women. This school, whose students are primarily African-American and pregnant or parenting, has a strong focus on urban farming. The film highlights the school's curriculum which includes agricultural skills learned through the school's own farm. This landmark school caught the attention of international filmmakers Mascha & Manfred Poppenk, who eventually created this documentary.

    Following the screening, you are invited to stay for a dialogue featuring a student and teacher from the Catherine Ferguson Academy for Young Women who will be able to share in more detail their experiences. A light reception will follow.

    For more information about the film, please visit: