Sunday, July 18, 2010

My favorite Stefan Molyneux two minute spiel

The state is a agency of coercion, the government takes money through force, through taxation, the government steals form the future through national debts, the government uses force to impose its will on everyone. As long as we view the government as some semi-paternal benevolent agency that’s there to help and protect us, we are going to keep running into its proposed solutions. Until and unless we can see that the government as an agency of violence, that the government points guns at people to get things done, until we can see the government as the gun in the room. We will not be able to put down the gun in the room and begin to explore voluntary and peaceful ways of helping those who are in need, the poor , the sick, the old.

Until and unless we can see the violence inherit in the system that we live under. We will not be able to put down that gun and begin negotiating like civilized human beings about how we are going to solve social problems, and stop attempting to pass laws and regulations which throw people in jail, which steal money from people. Violence will never solve problems, violence will only and forever profit the few at the expense of the many. Seem to solve things in the present while creating more problems down the road. So until we can see the gun in the room and put it down things are going to get worse and worse and worse. Until we let go of our addiction to violence in solving problems, which will never ever solve problems at all.

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  1. My favorite 5 second spiel:

    "Either the majority of human beings can cooperate for mutual advantage or they can't. If they can then the stateless society will work. Especially since millions of minds better than mine will be searching for the best solutions. If they can't, then no society will ever work and we are doomed to savagery and slavery by nature."