Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yay! I'm being sued.

Well, not really.  At least not yet. doesn't like my flippant use of the term "crooks" while referring to them on an internet bulletin board.  Kind of long, but full details at


  1. Ha!
    That's pathetic, though. They really have no case against you. I wonder if (a great and wonderful company!) is signed up for Google Alerts and was thus notified when their name was mentioned on that message board. Congratulations on being important and threatening enough to be considered worthy of their attention. ;-)
    Did you ever get the cease and desist order "via regular and certified mail?"

  2. Yes two copies, one regular and one certified mail, came almost a week after the email. I considered not signing for the certified just to irritate but thought that might look like I'm scared.

    In one of my posts on the bulletin board I was going to state that I was starting a marketing firm called " We're not just good, We're Great!" Unfortunately redirects to