Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Solidarity forever"

You may have heard that Oakland University's professors have been on strike since last Thursday, when classes were supposed to start. Among their demands is an 11% pay raise over the next 3 years.

Here is fantastic video of one of the rallies, complete with song and dance. Check out the "stop administration dictatorship" sign.


  1. "No one has ever succeeded in the effort to demonstrate that unionism could improve the conditions and raise the standard of living of all those eager to earn wages."

    I missed that "rally" today. I was stoping by O'Dowd hall to pickup transcript papers, every entrance has the union people picketing. I have a hard time supporting them, not just on the union issues, but also on the creditablity of my professors at OU.

    When i did go to Oakland University, several of my CS professors were a joke. My computer network professor stated I knew more about computer networks than her, which I did. My Java programming professor could not figure out to speak clear enough english to explain any concepts.

    The problem is, the union can still hold on to these dead weights who can't teach.

  2. The full time professors are only making $100,000/year. How much competence can you expect.