Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Big Picture by Bob Murphy

Please read the following article by Bob Murphy. In it he explains what he would do if he were the king of the world and had no morals. I think he is spot on with his thoughts. I would enjoy reading your comments and engaging in a discussion.


  1. Hi Mark,
    It's good to see you posting here.
    Unfortunately for the next several weeks I'm overly busy. When I have a spare moment I will think more on what you wrote. Hope all is well with you.
    - C

  2. Hey C,
    How are you? I'm doing well, just plugging along at work and trying to stay focused on my Austrian studies. I'm about 15% through Human Action and you wouldn't believe the vocab list I have already. Mises was a very intelligent man, and funny too. Several times I have busted out laughing at some of his statements. I'm fired up about finishing so I can get to Man, Economy, and State.

    I feel that once I master these two books I will be ready to begin. What I'm beginning is still a mystery to me but it's going to be big.

    I'm really impressed by the whole Austrian/Anarchy/Liberty movement and the insistence on knowing your info. Every where I turn there is a nother person saying, "You have to really know your stuff. If you want to know how you can contribute to the mass awakening immediately, pick up a book."

    It seems like yesterday I was at my first RPIC meeting and I mentioned something about communism being the "perfect" government in theory and the whole group said, "It's the worst form of government and it's impossible. You need to read more." Of course everyone said it with much more tact than that, but I still have my notes and scribled on a corner of a page, "start at"

    Take care,

  3. What is it about the article that impresses you? I agree that he's spot on but this doesn't hit me as one of Murphy's better articles (the style of this article has never appealed to me, so a lot of that may just be personal taste).

  4. Hello Dave,
    What impressed or had a impact on me was the how he tied the events together. (I agree with you on the style of the article)

    To a certain extent I already suspected everything in the article but hadn't metally connected the dots. I find it ironic that we (general populace) can see video on the nightly news about a predator dropping a bomb on nameless/faceless Afghanis and not bat an eye.

    The operators of the predator aircraft are "neck downs," they do what they are told. What happens when a state or group of people try to leave the "union?" Will the operator refuse to drop a bomb on a "home grown terrorist?"